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We value everyone that comes into Cryotherapy UK Sheffield, their feedback and well-being is the reason we do what we do, without our clients there is no Cryotherapy UK Sheffield, here is what they have said about us and their treatments.

Joe Patterson

* * * * * 

An awesome/effective solution for treating minor aches and pains. A couple of days before I completed the Sheffield 10K, I met Nathan and he worked his magic in time for me to run on the freshest set of legs. 

Highly recommended!

Sarah Knapp

* * * * * 

Had my first session on my lower back as I have a lot of issues with this area and I feel brilliant and have booked my next session. Highly recommend.

Mamraze Afsar

* * * * * 

I was a semi-professional MMA fighter tried to make a come back I lost a lot of weight but never lost the lower stomach half is some part of your body that you can't lose it that easily I went through a kidney stone operation lately and I was going through a lot of problems again got back into training a couple of weeks ago and I was working on 14 and a half stone having this reason thing done on my lower stomach no word of a lie is help me out losing weight for my lower stomach and I'm already 13 stones because of it all I can say is thank you and it's helped a lot and I'm going to carry on doing it

Michele Cowley

* * * * * 

I had a brilliant time having my facial uplift on my birthday. The whole experience was so relaxing. This is an experience I'm glad I had the chance of. Courtney is great, she explains anything you ask her, she makes you feel welcome and relaxed and I am so thankful to her for making my time there special. I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone. I definately will be back for more. Thankyou CryotherapyUk-Sheffield. Definately a big thumbs up from me 

Fern Needham

* * * * * 

I had an absolutely amazing treatment with kortni! Very relaxing and the results were unbelievable! Kortni gave me loads of information and made sure I was comfortable the whole treatment, couldn't recommend her or the treatment enough! 10/10, already thinking about when I can fit another one in 

Brent Ford

* * * * * 

Had my first session with Nathan full sports massage on legs and back. Got to say after struggling for many of times with stiffness and aching after football this really helped.. appreciate the service can’t wait to get booked in regular

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