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Sports Massage


Sports massage is a speciality within remedial massage. Its focus is to recover the body from the strains of training or competition. It can also prevent and treat injuries. Massage is the oldest form of healing known to man, it has been used for thousands of years and was praised by Hippocrates – the founder of modern medicine.

Each sports massage is targeted at specific muscle groups to suit the individual’s physical activities. It finds and treats the root problem – not just the symptoms.


Who is Sports Massage Suitable For?


Sports massage is suitable for anyone engaging in sports, dance or indeed any form of exercise. It can address minor injuries quickly, preventing further damage. It is a must for anyone wanting to maintain peak performance and reduce the possibility of injury.


How Does Sports Massage Work?


  • By increasing blood flow and improving circulation.

  • Balancing muscles and joints.

  • Restoring elasticity to the joints.

  • Improving mobility within the body.

  • Relaxing tense muscles.

  • Improving tense muscles.

  • Reducing stress.

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